qbotics and the conquest of the -inner- space: a compensation system for fresh water resources


Alejandro Baranek (qbotics, Argentina), Leonardo Belén (qbotics, Argentina)


qbotics is a method for exploring 6D, 7D and 9D discrete spaces through 3D representations using the rhombic dodecahedron. The method provides several potential disruptive technologies, mainly related with simple, local and efficient way of codifying, occupying and covering the 3D space.

In the present work, we take address of a complex environment problem: the flooding and draughts happening in the planet with increasing frequency, likely related to climate change and human behavior. We focus in the mitigation of the problem, but not in the causes. With a geometric, holistic and sustainable approach, a proposal for a qbotics-based solution is described.

It consists of a system of vertical pools or reservoir, made of automatic structures assembling (and disassembling) in the merge of rivers when they are reaching a critical flow/level than can derive on floodings or related problems. With qbotics, an inherently scalable and arbitrary size system for such purpose can be designed.
The water collected can be processed and delivered to draught regions (If that is economically affordable), returned to the river flow when it returns to normal figures and preserved in sweet water pools in the sea for blue energy generation and/or human consumption.

The whole process should be carried with energy collected from the river flow. The flow generated when returning water to the river flow could be used for generating energy, too.

The work includes an analysis of historic data of Argentina’s hydric system, published by the Sub-secretary of water resources (http://www.mininterior.gov.ar/obras-publicas/hidro-publicaciones.php/), for accurately describing the amounts of water involved in the process, and making a preliminary feasibility study.


qbotics, water, flooding, draught, blue energy





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