New Sounds for Non-Formal Music Education

Luis Szaran / Luis Szaran <>

“The young person who plays Mozart by day does not break shop windows at night.”

Community and social development through music.

“Sonidos de la Tierra” offers some 18.000 low-income children and adolescents, living in over 200 towns and villages across Paraguay, the opportunity to develop their musical talents through a “music conservatory on wheels”. It was founded by Luis Szarán, Director the Symphonic Orchestra of the City of Asunción (Paraguay), composer and musical historian, and the guest conductor of a number of orchestras in Europe and the United States, and once a child in a distant corner of Paraguay, with few opportunities to develop his musical talent. In 2006 the experience of constructing recycled musical instruments from water related materials, such as pipes and containers, was introduced, all built by students, to provide a new educational experience. It is had 52 recycled orchestras H2O “Sounds of the Water”, declared in the 2016 “Artists for the Peace of the World” for the UNESCO


LUIS SZARAN “Artist for Peace of UNESCO”

He studied music in Asuncion, Paraguay and later at the Conservatoire Saint Cecilia of Rome. He had Massimo Pradella, Piero Bellugi, Franco Ferrara, Hans Swarowsky and Luciano Berio as teachers.

Director of the Symphonic Orchestra of Asunción (OSCA), and of the Zipoli Ensemble of Venice. He conducted prestigious orchestras in South America, USA and Europe. In recent seasons his compositions were premiered by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra Sinfonietta of Paris, the Turin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Venice Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2002, he was awarded the Vivaldi Medal Award at the Venice International Festival. He received numerous awards and recognitions as: Official Knight of the Italian Republic, Order of Science and Letters of France, Silver Eye and Guaranítico Orbis by UNESCO, National Order of Merit in the rank of Commander of Paraguay, Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneur at the University of Oxford, World Social Entrepreneur by The World Economic Forum and others. Member of the Spanish Academy of History and Master of Art by the National Congress of Paraguay. In 1997, he was chosen as one of the eight most successful Paraguayans in the world by the Banco Nacional de Trabajadores.

In 2002, and as a social entrepreneur, he founded the program of social-community integration through music, Sonidos de la Tierra, aimed at children and young people of limited resources. In 2006, he founded the World Orchestra “Weltweite Klänge” in Nurenberg, Germany. In 2008, he was elected by the American University as one of the 12 most outstanding leaders of Paraguay.

He is author of 10 books published in Germany, Italy, Spain and Paraguay and director of the Spanish and Hispanic American Music Dictionary edited by the General Society of Authors of Spain.

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