Dialectic in suspense / Dialéctica en suspenso


Matías Lennie Bruno, Hernán Ordiales


“Dialectic in suspense” is a sound work about the conflicting relation between nature and human contradictory development. Natural spaces and ambient sounds mixed with human residual pollution, are combined with real time audio and data processing that shows both human and nature strategies to overcome the critical anthropocentric presence.

The work has three different movements bringing the people (public) the opportunity to enhance their environmental conscience and perspective about it.

The first is a sound landscape, takes original environments and natural sounds. These sounds, begin to be contaminated by human interventions, which are modeled as sound processes. Meanwhile, the noise generated by feedback (techniques of “no input”) starts to be heard, and during the second movement the sound level of the “no input” feedback surpass the natural landscape, arriving to the anthropocene concept.

In the last movement, both nature and the human are given strategies to overcome the present crisis. On one hand, information on relevant climatic factors is taken to model sound processes in real time. On the other hand, live performers play through chains of sound parallel processes proper of the human.


1) Landscape
Natural sounds are the first movement of this sound work. It’s the only concrete, non abstract movement. Sounds of nature should be recognizable and generate a wealthy, comfortable sensation in the public. The idea of an unpolluted, equilibrated, friendly world is a fiction that help us to show the antagonism and the contradiction with the human development.
2) Noise should arise by “no input” techniques. No input it will be use not just as a compositional technique but as a metaphor: sound made by residual noise of human made equipment. Residual, but “necessary”, part of the evolution of the industrial age.
Noise will increase, from silence to almost the only sound heard, when anthropocene stage come.
3) When anthropocene come as noise, both nature and human create strategies to overcome the situation. Strategies that could be convergent or not. Strategies that could be spontaneous or conscious. Strategies that imply the possibility of the human to continue in this planet or to face an unparalleled situation. Dialectic in suspense ends with this question about what to do and how we think and make another possible world with nature as our partner.

With noise as source, human strategies will be referenced with a live performer processing the sound with different effects chains. Using alternatives audio routes, noise will be process though delays, looper, ring modulator, differents distortions, filters, etc, with the idea of extract differents possibles futures, sounds of a new paradigm of life. Also, in parallel, sound is processed digitally using different live-coding techniques. A pre-analysis based on MIR (Music Information Retrieval) stored in a database is combined with real-time processing and synthesis, random processes and human control via external interfaces. Also historical climate data is used to model sound in real-time. To achieve that, a custom software was developed under a collaborative initiative (https://github.com/sonidosmutantes)

Author Biographies

Lennie is part of argentinian music scene, performing in festivals and events.
He created RedPanal, a collaborative network music community, representing it at seminars, meetings, and national/international workshops, such as Medialab-Prado (Madrid), World Social Forum (Brazil), Webprendedor 2009 (Chile), ArtFutura2010 and numerous cities in Argentina. RedPanal is winning project of Buenos Aires Emprende 2008 program and has also been preselected in International Young Music Entrepreneurship, LaRedInnova and TechCrunch.
As sound artist he was part of several projects. He was the coordinator of Sonidos Mutantes, experimental sound lab at Casa Nacional del Bicentenario. As performer he was part of Rosales-Lennie-Romeo trio (2012 european tour at CMMR-London, MediaLab Prado-Madrid and GRM-Paris). Actually playing at Banda de Mutantes and solo projects.
Lennie also plays popular music at Los Muchachos Errantes (gypsy swing bang) and recorded with musicians as Liliana Herrero, el “Bahiano” (Los Pericos), Kevin Johansenn.
He studied Electronic Arts at the National University of Tres de Febrero.

Software engineer, musician and composer, born in 1981 in Madrid, España. In the last 10 years, Hernán have worked in many audio related software projects around the world. Both in real-time digital signal processing as physical controllers implementation, user interfaces and network protocols under distributed systems. He participated in projects of the Free Software community like CLAM (C++ Library for Audio and Music), RedPanal, Musix GNU+Linux, and other personal software hosted and published in github. He also worked developing this kind of software in commercial products from Argentina, Italy and Canada. As a musician, with a past as guitar player in many rock bands, he is actually playing and performing with Banda de Mutantes. He studied Software and Electronic Engineering at University of Buenos Aires and University of Palermo.

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is an International Conference designed to use art as a catalyst to explore intersections between NATURE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY as we move into an era of both unprecedented ecological threats and transdisciplinary possibilities.

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