DATA Play 7: Data Visualisation

The event will be hosted at i-DAT, Plymouth University in the Roland Levinsky Building digital studios:

Friday 18 and Saturday 19th.

With a presentation on:

Monday 21st in the Balance-Unbalance Conference.

Roland Levinsky Building Rooms 208/209/210.

DATA Play 7 Data Visualisation will focus on liberating ecological data from the City and the surrounding environment to create prototypes, solutions, tools and experiences.

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The event will build on previous DATA Play projects such as:

The Balance-Unbalance Data Visualisation DATA Play event is a collaboration with Plymouth City Council and TheData.Place collaborating organisations. It is the seventh event in the DATA Play series of data-hackathons which feed off Plymouth’s open data as a resource being developed over the period of more than a year to support the development of Plymouth’s digital economy and provide a resource for all of Plymouth’s communities to find, publish and use data.

Data sources are available at The Data Place Ltd which provides low cost open data infrastructure: find out more (and get your own open data portal) at

The Data Place uses CKAN a ‘powerful data management system that makes data accessible – by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data.’


Friday 18 August:

10.10: Welcome and Introduction

10.30: Balance Unbalance Presentation. Mike Phillips.

10.45: Environmental Data Stuff

11.00: Setting out and discussing the challenges

12.00: Immersive environmental representations (Fulldome). Luke Christison.

12.30: Lunch.

13.40: Collecting & Visualising Greenspace Usage Data. Simon Lock

14.00: “Buoy Oh Buoy” – Playing with visual representations of Marine Data. Simon Lock.

14.30: Map Jam Feedback

15.00: Time for Tableau. How visualising data can balance/unbalance perceptions

15.30: North Devon Biosphere Data Collection Presentation. Mike Phillips.

16.15: Pub rendezvous in Bread and Roses.

Saturday 19 August:

There are some really interesting talks scheduled for today, which tends to be more relaxed so feel free to come along and work on your project and play with some tech / art.

10.10: Welcome and Introduction

10.30 Hannah Sloggett: How to Win at Bids (also available for discussion on Friday)

12.00: Lunch

14.00: Undergrads talking about stuff they’re interested in data / tech wise.

15.30: Pub rendezvous in Bread and Roses.

DATA Play invite / DATA Play 7 – Itinerary / DATA Play 7 – Challenges 

Throughout the two days please help yourself to refreshments, feel free to move around and join in
with whatever takes your interest, meet panel members, chill out in the play room, take the
opportunity to chat to the many organisations supporting DATA Play.

Specifically, Hannah will be on hand to share her experience of what submissions can do to get
more noticed by the judging panel.

There are three £2,000 rewards to help progress some of the most interesting ideas around
the challenges…

To enter you need to provide:
Team name, names of people who have worked on the idea, contact details and a short description
of your idea. Your pitch needs to take about 5 minutes to look at – this could be a film, screenshots,
text, pictures… whatever works for you! It can be on paper, memory stick or sent via We Transfer.

You have until Tuesday 22nd August at 23:59 to get your idea ready for the panel – good luck!
Email or visit

Thanks to The Data Place who came to the previous DATA Play days, we have a new and easy way
for you to access the data we are opening, share your projects and read the DATA Play blog. The
Data Place is set up as a social enterprise.

What’s next for DATA Play… Remember, we are on the look-out for potential investment
opportunities in good ideas. If you have such an idea, then please speak to Tom, Hannah or
one of the team, or email

DATA Played…Don’t forget…if you do something with our data we would like to share and
celebrate it! Please let us know or post it on

If you would like to see if we can open some data, or would like to partner up, please talk to
Plymouth City Council over the two days or contact #DATAPlay

Thank you to everyone who supports the Council with DATA Play!

Play Time!

Good at coding? – come and code.

Good at analysis? – come and analyse.

Good at maps? – come and map.

Good at graphics? – come and draw.

Good at thinking? – come and think.

Whatever you’re good at, there’ll be something interesting for you.

Develop your ideas using Council data, create a project and pitch your work… it’s free to join in and lunch is provided on both days!

Play as a team, meet people on the day, or experiment on your own – whatever works for you.

The three ideas that have the most potential for the city and benefit/support neighbourhood planning will be given support to take it forward.

DATA Dome:

and a bit of data visualisation in the inflatable dome.


DATA Play:

DATA Play Booklet

DATA Play Day 1 was an experiment to test whether the Council opening up data could help understand the city, better support innovation and new ideas and create opportunities for the Council to work with the local tech community.

DATA Play 2 developed these opportunities further by offering financial rewards for ideas, the support of a panel of experts and leaders in the city and a range of workshops to build skills and great ideas.

DATA Play 3 focused on Communities and the three prizes awarded were for the benefit of communities, using communities based data.

DATA Play 4 took a look at Environmental Challenges and resulted in an amazing response with loads of great ideas, from collecting better information about greenspaces to using Minecraft to engage young people and their families with their environment.

DATA Play 5 focused on Health and Wellbeing challenges which resulted in us funding three projects now in their early stages. It was an amazing turn out with people from multiple sectors coming along and sharing expertise alongside the TedMedX conference which was happening at the same time.

DATA Play 6 is here and we will be focusing on Arts & Culture Challenges. It will be taking place at Ocean Studies, Royal William Yard.


This work is supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government through Delivering Differently in Neighbourhoods funding and Local Planning Reform funding.




Balance-Unbalance 2017

Balance-Unbalance (BunB)
is an International Conference designed to use art as a catalyst to explore intersections between NATURE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY as we move into an era of both unprecedented ecological threats and transdisciplinary possibilities.

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