Between Minds And Bodies – Listening In The Dance Improvisation.

Klara Łucznik (Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK)


Focusing on group dance improvisation, this installation explores how dancers’ awareness, individual choices and social interactions emerge into the complexity of shared creative practice. How do the patterns appear from simple responses, and how movement vocabulary is co-created by a group.

Using a video-stimulated recall method, I asked dancers to reflect on their creative process just after completing a group dance score, recording their individual narratives simultaneously. In the installation, I bring together videos with individual voices of dancers, exploring multiple perspectives of shared, instant creativity.

Group improvisation has highly interpersonal nature. Dancers build together a common improvisation space, negotiating inner rules and language. It is a process of co-creating, where supporting each other actions is at least as important as giving new ideas to the group. And most importantly, dance improvisation is a process of embodied creativity, where the ideas are explored through the medium of the body while dancing.

Collected material introduces the process of improvisation, allowing us to enter into a dancers’ creative process on a moment-to-moment scale, showing how individual decisions are shaped by the surrounding and shared with others. It is a journey into the depths of an embodied form of the creative process. 



This project is a video installation that combines recording of shared dance improvisation practice with dancers’ narratives of a moment-to-moment creative process. The video is projected on a big screen, while dancers’ voices are available to listen individually on four pairs of headphones, and simultaneously whispered aloud.

Materials for the installation was collected during ‘Between minds and bodies’, the research project into shared creative practice in dance. Other, qualitative results of this study were published in Łucznik (20015).

The installation brings multiple dancers’ voices, exploring complexity and interdependencies of group creative process and the embodied aspect of decision-making in dance.

The installation is a loop of 3 videos, each last approximately 4-5 minutes.

K. Łucznik (2015). Between minds and bodies – Some insights about creativity from dance improvisation. Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research. Volume 13 Number 3.


Klara Łucznik is a Marie-Curie research fellow at CogNovo, a multinational doctoral training network based at Plymouth University, offering research training in cognitive innovation. She holds MSc. in Psychology (2009, University of Warsaw) and MA in Choreography and Dance Theory (2015, The F. Chopin University of Music). Her research focuses on dance improvisation as a collaborative practice that provides an opportunity to understand how people collaborate while creating and to observe how new ideas appear from interaction with others’ bodies and the environment. In a PhD project she investigates the role of flow in group dance improvisation. Her creative practice explores improvisation as a strategy for creativity, performance and interactive, participatory events.

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